Dog walking

I offer 1-hour small group walks. I keep these groups to 4 dogs maximum 
to ensure I can keep an eye on all of them and give them plenty of love and attention!
Solo walks are also available.
I tailor all walks to your dog’s specific needs and fitness level. Adequate exercise is essential to raising a stable, healthy and happy dog. Exercise stimulates the dog’s body and mind, making her/him physically and mentally balanced and happier.

Your dog will be collected, driven to and walked in various dog-friendly locations including woods and fields. After the walk, he/she will be returned towel-dried, tired and happy and left with fresh water.

 All dogs will be on leads until fully trusted to be off unless given permission to do otherwise.


Puppy/Senior Visits

I can exercise your dog in its own garden if you prefer (throwing ball etc., for example, unsociable or elderly dogs, puppies or bitches in season) or whatever you might need. I can notify you of my visits if you wish, by text or e-mail if requested.

I can combine my services; say walk the dogs for 45mins, bring them back, put down fresh water and food etc.. maybe feed the cat, change the litter tray, check on the rabbits or chickens, and even water plants (indoor or outside) – all within one visit.


Cat Sitting                                                                                    Broxburn Cat Sitter

You can go away knowing that your cat/s will be in safe hands and they get to stay in their own home where they feel happy and safe in their own surroundings. Visits last 30mins and include mail pick up, litter box cleaning, fresh food and water, and lots of playtime! If you would like me to stay longer, I am happy to accommodate. I can keep you informed by text or e-mail if requested.




Initial Consultation

I will visit you to confirm the booking and to gather detailed information on caring for your pets. It also gives me a chance to meet your pets and for you to ask questions you may have.

Call or e-mail today to schedule an initial interview to set up service arrangements.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!